Glass Mirror Mosaic

The rarest forms of art…….   The Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors & delicate Glass Mosiacs) was constructed by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan Adorned with pietra dura (stone inlay) work and complex mirror-work of the finest quality which creates a blazing effect in the royal...
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Crafting Emotions in Stone,,

,,not just artifacts. There are endless feelings of an individual & human beings, that being pleasure or sadness. Our intent here is more for joy & that is a joy forever. A joy that combines all – wealth, peace, happiness,...
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A Treasure for lifetime, Marble and Art

  Accumulating or storing wealth in the form of Cash, Jewels or similar is what people are generally inclined for doing in the current times & possibly there is no escape from this it seems. A treasure is that remains...
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Craftsmen forgotten who built The Taj Mahal

We at Rockscape are always delighted by the constantly ever-evolving team spirit of our skilled stonemasons to create a new, unmatched quality masterpiece in different parts of the world. Creating art for us is not just chipping stone and creating a figure...
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The Texture of Great Inlay Work

  One of the things that make the Taj Mahal so wondrous and special is the marble inlay work you find on it. In fact, you find this beautiful art form on other Mughal monuments too. Marble inlay is a...
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